How To Work Effectively with A Bookkeeper?

As a small business owner, you have bit the bullet and hired a professional Bookkeeping service to help you.  How do you maximise the returns on the relationship? At Fintax Bookkeeping we ensure that your expectations are exceeded, and here is a list of tips to ensure you are on top of your game.

Prepare your Business Context and Expectations.

What is your business about? What are current gaps in your processes, which need to be filled? What are the priorities? What are the milestones? These are the issues you must address with your Bookkeeper as part of an induction process. After the initial induction leave it to the Bookkeeper to identify and execute further process improvements.

Ensure Collaboration is adequate.

Ensure that time is budgeted to catchup with your Bookkeeper, both for operational and strategic meetings. Quality and timely communication is important. You must be available in case of contingency. Beyond operational progress, the Bookkeeper must articulate any risks or process improvements identified. If your Bookkeeper works closely with your accountant or auditor, that will save you co-ordination time and effort.

Bookkeepers may be working locally or remotely. There are pros and cons of either arrangement. Flexibility is always a bonus, but generally working onsite initially has a few advantages in terms of understanding the business context and establishing a workflow in sync with your business needs.

Ensure the tasks are on Track.

Ensure that there are no blockers and progress is going as planned, especially in the context of legal deliverables such as tax submissions . Review the numbers thoroughly and look out for any surprises. The most common issue with small businesses is liquidity and cash levels.

Take the time to fill your knowledge gaps.

Ask the Bookkeeper to show you what and how things are done, where possible. It enables you to take over independently and hand over the work to others. A document with a set of notes can help in this regard.

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