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What makes Fintax Bookkeeping Special?

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A great business can be adversely impacted by a bad partnership and might not achieve its full potential. It is important to do your diligence keeping your emotions aside and ensure that your partner is aligned to your goals and responsibilities and is capable of meeting them. Responsibilities must be balanced appropriately so as to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

  • We have a varied team of specialists

At Fintax we have a team of specialists who working in concert and often behind the scenes produce the results you need. On topics ranging from Ethics and Compliance right through to Tax Code and statement preparation, our experts are constantly updating the best practices followed by FinTax.

Knowledge of GST and Income Tax legislation is what ultimately ensures compliant bookkeeping. Our experts have been exposed to a multitude of industries, so we can understand the nuances of your business practices.

  • We closely monitor service quality and team performance

At FinTax our tailored packages will ensure we are fully customized to your needs. We cater to as wide a variety of needs as possible.

As a customer we are in tune to your changing business requirements.

We always request and evaluate your feedback on a frequent basis to ensure you are receiving the best value. Our people KPIs are linked to your satisfaction levels.

  • We’re Flexible

At FinTax our tailored packages will ensure we are fully customized to your situation. We cater to as wide a variety of needs as possible, be it hourly rates or fixed monthly packages. We are in tune to your changing business requirements.

  • We’re here for long term relationships

Long-term relationships matter most to us. Our team is geared to help you save time and money whenever the opportunity arises. As a business, FinTax Bookkeeping is here to stay and grow with you, even to fulfill an ad-hoc need.

  •  Not too big. Not too small

FinTax Bookkeeping is the perfect size to provide you personalized service yet not be weighed down by inflexible policies and procedures. We pride ourselves on personalization and agility. Any smaller and you would miss out on expertise.

We ensure that your bookkeeping ambiguities and problems are raised and resolved by the appropriate pair of eyes in a proactive and timely manner.

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